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  • 2020 Best Freaking Habits

    So this YEAR has been coming up super fast. Between family, work and NYE dinner + shopping it seems we have gone through the first week like a breeze. What comes next? The part that 2020 is the time to make the best freaking HABITS.

    Starting out with small things that will impact your life in a long run.

    So get ready for some down to earth changes.

    ♡ Eating

    Change one meal with a salad: (go super lite on the dressing or no dressing if you can) + Drink a cup of water before every meal: (This will trick your your body with a fullness sensation.) + DRINK DRINK DRINK jasmine tea: I WILL NOT GET tired of saying how beneficial this elixir is! *Helps boost the metabolism * Boost the brain *Prevents signs of early aging. How in the world could I live with out this for many years.

    ♡ Exercising

    Walking 30 min. a day. (Just by parking the car a couple lots farther from the store makes this so easy to accomplish.)+ Do 50 stomach crunches per day ( it takes the same time as waiting for your show to come on while commercials) + Donkey kicks 40 reps each side ( while watching your favorite show like The Mentalist or The Good Doctor is a perfect time to do these beneficial tightening buns exercise.)

    ♡ Investment in self care | hobby

    Reading: (it takes less than 15 min. to get hook on book) if this doesn’t do it for you, try magazines there’s always articles that are full of precious gems. “Fashion, home deco or world traveling” + Photography: Grab your cellphone start looking for scenes, flowers and places that catch your eye. (family members are a great start and after taking a couple of hundred snaps you notice how much you love this.) + Traveling: Yes, it fits in this category. Let’s go in to more detail; make it a habit of getting to know new places, people and new things.

    There you have it, Some HABITS That will help improve your lifestyle. Many successful people encourage to try especially the reading one. But once again a habit is formed by doing them regularly, of course it takes practice but it’s not impossible.

    Do you have any habits that you would like to start for this year? Because Honestly, I’m feeling super fresh minded. I need to make things more sharp in my lifestyle this year. What about you? Give me your point of view.

    Ok well I’ll be heading out – to try this new place to eat (putting in practice the drinking water before meal habit.) and maybe go catch a movie. It’s been years I haven’t tried Carmel popcorn and it seems this theater has freshly made. Yum!!! (I will be eating only a few just to enjoy the craving) and than drink a cup Jasmine tea.

    Love, Norah