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  • 3 top drinks in CLT for Winter by Stephanie

    So this week I have a very amazing friend on the blog. I’ve known her like for ever, you could say we grew up in the same City. She’s a food blogger, has great taste in fashion and a brilliant artist.

    With you Stephanie Lauren……

    Hi, my name is Stephanie! I’m a long-time friend of Nora. I’m a huge fan of her creativity and style, which is why I took an instant liking to her blog. Conversing with her about it, she invited me to do a little piece for the blogI was ecstatic! But, then I thought what I should write about?’ and that’s when it hit me. I realized that what makes Nora’s post so great is her passion. So, I thought about what some of my passions were. And, lo and behold, I thought of a huge passion of minefood! And, while this isn’t exactly a food post, it is related to food. It’s the next best thingseasonal beverages!


    1. The Golden Latte from Clean Juice
        This one’s for all my health conscious! Also known as a “Wellness Latte”, the drink is wonderful mix of Organic Cardamom, Organic Ginger and Organic Turmeric Extract. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Fear notit’s absolutely divine! The bright flavors are balanced with a creamy mix of Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Freeze-Dried Coconut Water and Organic Ground Vanilla. Beside the fact that all the ingredients are plant-based and organic, they’re also locallysourced! What a treat this drink is! But, if you’re not into ginger, Clean Juice has wonderful Fall menu complete with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin smoothies and Apple Pie Toast! I made sure to add a quality franchise, just in case you’re not planning any recent trips to CLT. For complete menu click here: https://cleanjuice.com/menu/

     (Bae is a hardcore coffee fan. He liked it too!)


    Tips: Download their app, join their loyalty program and earn rewards for future purchases. The app also lets you link your card to pay and earn with a simple scan. 


    Other Great Stuff:  Also great on their Fall menu is their Fall Acai Bowl. Pumpkin Spice and everything nice. It’s so delicious! Plus, as any great organic joint they eat seasonally, which means they’ve got you covered with a new menu every quarter.



    2. Oregon Berry from Cafe Moka

    The Oregon Berry—this one’s for the wild ones! Okay, so Mokahas an incredible Fall menu, featuring warm favorites like Salted Carmel Chaiders and Pumpkin Spice White Mochas, but we decided to go off the beaten path a little. The Oregon Berry’s flavor profile has deep, rich berry notes. It’s perfectly tart with the zesty finish as that of kombucha tea. Moka is locaclly and independently owned. Get some work done in their sitting nooks or shop Moka merch. They will have you coming back with their amazing menu and aesthetic vibes!


    Tips: Ask about their seasonal menus because there is constantly a different delicious find.


    Other Great Stuff: Enjoy their merchandise which exudes a wonderful retro vibe. Drink your coffee and look great doing it too!




    3. Paris Tea from Amelie’s



    Paris teaa favorite all year round! I know this is a warm beverage, but trust me, this black tea distills harmonious notes of black currant, vanilla, bergamot and caramel. The body is a smooth silhouette that transports you to The City of Lights. They’ve got Pure Intentionsthe coffee brand. It’s local to Charlotte and has been roasted here since 2011. Eccentric and fun, the aesthetic of the joint is just that of a classic Frenchwoman. Prepare yourself!  



    Tips: I like to make my tea moon tea style. So, I order the Pot de Thé which comes with a side of cream and your choice of sweetener. I also paired it with a carrot cake macaroon, and oh my goshbest combo ever!


    Other great stuff: If you’re wanting an afternoon pick-me-up, Amelies has you covered with a delicious array of seasonal pastries, soufflés and tea cakes. Seasonal beverages like their Pistachio Brittle Cafè Créme and Brown Butter Pecan CafèCréme. They also have a wonderful menu for a more sustainable meal with soups, salads and sandwiches. 



    There you have it my wonderful CLT Travelers, drinks that will blow your mind away.

    Next time you pass by Charlotte N.C. remember to check these places out.

    Till next time, Steph & Norah


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