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    My name is Norah I started this blog with inspiration of my many trips around the U.S. I love to give tips on traveling and staying young. I’m a mother of some amazing children and wife to a husband that loves to travel with me. You will find me looking up new places to try Greek, Italian and Colombian food. Pink color is part of the rainbow (wink wink) I think it’s better to give, than to receive. When life gets rough I remember Diamonds are worked under lots of pressure.

    More about me:

    •I’m from the 80’s.

    •I was born in Texas and raised in North Carolina.

    •Place of my dream where to live, next to the beach or Italy.

    •I would like to say that I speak 3 languages.

    •Jokes, 90% of the time I don’t understand until an hour later ….

    Well girls, thanks for browsing my page

    I hope you like the photos and ideas.

    Xoxo Norah