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  • China in Mexico City

    Last week for the very first time my husband and I drove to Mexico City. We have taken long trips inside the states before, but this trip was definitely different. The scenery made it so amazing…. there was all types of palm trees, fruit trees and beautiful mountains full of snow and pure air….. YES… the air was so pure full of great oxygen for my skin. Talking about Skin I noticed my skin was looking flawless because of the cool weather. (Useful information : cool and cold weather help pores close and keeps the dirt out.) After driving for a couple hours I the one that plans almost every detail, was forgetting the most simple thing Gas!! Talk about a blood rush thinking your tank will go empty lol… in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully we had a moment or a movie scene. If you’ve ever seen The movie Looney Tunes you would completely understand The part where Bugs bunny and his friends find a Walmart in the desert. In my case, thank God there was a Burger King connected with a gas station.

    Chinese buns filled with sweet custards

    So going to the main event Barrio Chino In Mexico City. I had my mind set on going to this place for the longest, my hopes of enjoying great Asian food and walking through this little Barrio was just on point. We had a surprise when reaching our main site we ran into a movie film shooting. I thought it was really cool, I had never experienced camera men asking me not to go through a certain area. After taking couple of snaps here and there, we walked through alleys full of light shops and other alleys with beauty products. One thing I did learn was to travel light when coming to this place, there’s so many things you want to buy, taste and see that having your hands full doesn’t help. My favorite part was watching those umbrellas hang from one side to the other side of the street, over all the experience in this place was very down to earth. I loved this beautiful Mex-Asian Chic place, hopefully you will be able to come visit and share your story as well.

    Till next trip, Norah