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  • Trip to Cedar Park

    Last Saturday, I woke up inspired trying to find an adventure, I made my self a Jasmine tea, got my kids to get ready for a trip, keys in one hand and my tea in the other. As soon as I said “let’s go” my kids were out the door, thank God I have no issues with them wanting to go out. It must be, that they know each time mom grabs the camera it will be something good. I decided to stop by Dunking Donuts for a Tea half/half and a croissant. I found my self pretty far in Ceder Park, Texas so I started the look out for places to take photos.

    I looked up on my cell: walls of places to take photos… I noticed so many places, some far, some very far I decided on colors I usually go for.

    After a while of looking at this site Carrie Colbert

    ideas started popping up, I did go for the closes one. To my surprise this place was an outside shopping mall, It had so many name brand stores and restaurants. I was truly happy to find many cool places. My first stop was … Erin Condren Store, Omg …. Creative place !!!!! My daughter immediately fell in love with the agendas, paper designs and an amazing scenery.


    After taking photos inside and having an awesome time, we moved the photo taken outside, the weather was super hot and sunny but, honestly that didn’t keep us from enjoying the beautiful wall. After the photos my kids and I decided we needed something sweet . We walked around to explore the shopping center.


    Little did we walk when we noticed, this amazing pink Cupcake ATM. I had heard from Instagram this was a really sweet spot. I went in Sprinkles shop to check out all the goodies they had. Darn!!! this was even more better than I imagined. They had different flavored cupcakes, but what really caught my eye was The Sundae Cupcake. There was so much greatness in this Sundae, You would choose the cupcake flavor, ice-cream flavor and they prepare it. I ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake with black and white ice cream, this combination was awesome!!!

    img_6334 img_5923

    By the time I indulged on this Sundae, the sun was setting and walking had made us tired. As we headed home I noticed a Popsicle shop …. but once again I was tired. Passing by the shop with hopes of getting energy back I slowly walked away knowing that soon I will be returning and hopefully getting the chance to try those Popsicles.

    Till next time darling,



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