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  • Mexico City Trip

    Hi there, I know that it’s been a while from my last post but, I had some planning to do for this trip then holidays and yada, yada. Now let’s start with this whole trip thing, I have had this City on my bucket list for a very long time. So this year 2019 I decided it was enough. MEXICO CITY here I go!!! Honestly planning to go out of the country is a walk in the park, If you do some research. I went online looked up hotel specials, places to eat around the hotel and transportation. Call me OCD but when I go somewhere I always try to look at the weather to pack accordingly as well. Now when I got to the HOTEL, I honestly was hoping to see what I had in mind stylish, modern and upbeat. Sure enough, it was more than that, everyone in this place was polite and professional. OUR ROOM omg!! for no extra charge we were in front of the Main street (You can check the video out on my INSTAGRAM ) HERE

    After getting settled in, we decided to give a small tour of this beautiful area. The main site was El Parque de El Angel de La Independencia translated The Angel of Freedom Park which had so many little food stands and shops I stopped nearly all of them, Yes, I did gain a pound or so. I have to give it to them the food and treats are out of this world, I did manage to get some corn in a cup that tasted so amazing, the juices, cheese, and mayo on it was such a great combination. After taking this whole trip in mine, I did notice some things I didn’t plan. LIKE….

    Make sure you have in mind the conversion.
    Example 17. PESOS = 1. DOLLAR
    it changes day by day (check that day)
    and that not all shops or stands take PLASTIC (credit or visa)

    Even if you think Mexico is hot,
    it does get cold at night bring a sweater
    and sweats for an emergency.

    It never hurts to ask> Ask the front desk
    receptionist if there is a Bigger, Nicer or Main view
    room, this is where research comes in handy.

    PASSPORT & BIRTH CERTIFICATE This tip is super important… I suggest you to make a copy of your Passport, Birth certificate and I.D leave it with a family member or a friend and email it to your self as well. During my stay out of the country I heard many stories of people loosing their documentation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    So I think that is all I have for today.
    Thank you very much for reading,
    and I want to inspire you to go for
    that NEW ADVENTURE, follow your
    dreams make them happen it’s
    possible trust ME.


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    1. Ginny
      February 12, 2019 / 2:15 pm

      Love it ❤️ thanks for the tips!!!