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  • New Year wish list

    My family and I have a tradition for New Years. Every year my husband asks me what I want for the end of the year.  It’s a gift I can wear or use to have a fresh Start. I know crazy us, but it’s a new meaning to things or like a reset button to routines and traditions. A little history about this| We changed things up in our lives years ago when I read about the true meaning of Christmas. So we decided that gifts should be giving in New Years. Now going to this list, I had so much fun gathering these ideas. The best part was I found items that started under $20 dollars (heck yeah!) If you know me, I love to hunt for great items at a very good price. Well darling, if you haven’t gotten that last min. Xmas Gift I got you covered.

    Christmas List 2

    1. Kate Spade Lunch Bag
    2. Arm Candy Bracelet
    3. Rose Water and Ivy Candle
    4. Kate Spade Watch
    5. Burberry Perfume
    6. Pineapple Wine Top
    7. Electric Tea Kettle
    8. Kate Spade Card Holder
    9. Clear Cosmetic Bag
    10. Kissed Gold Coffee Cup
    11. Pink Bluetooth Speaker
    12. Acrylic Drawers
    13. Glass Flamingo
    14. Domino Designer Book
    15. Gold PlayStation Control
    16. Pink /VS Water Bottle

    With love, Norah


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