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  • Over the top gift

    Hello Wonderful, It’s been a while I haven’t said HI! OR gotten my self out of the routine. SO here goes my topic for today, GIFTS!!!  LATELY I’ve been getting many invites to different parties and get togethers. I’m usually very oriented on giving gifts. But what do you do when you don’t know the person at all?  YEAH ! IT’S LIKE I know that the person is my age but she doesn’t dress like me or share my same taste. So what do you do? First off, PERFUMES and FRAGRANCES are A NO NO… have you ever had that cousin or aunt that showers you with expensive perfumes but, at the end it’s not what you like.  OK> you understand. What about clothes? You are gifted the most cute and chic outfits but, they don’t fit you or is not your style. You see where I’m going with this…I have a very awesome solution.

    A) You can go on facebook stalk the person I mean really, Study the BIRTHDAY girl’s taste and go from there (BUT who has time for that) .

    B) My choice- you can just buy her a very cute CUP/ DRINK WARE. Coffee, tea cups and tumblers are used by every one in this world. I mean you can’t go wrong with that. Ask the celebrator what color she or he likes and check their style trend for an idea. 

    NOW…. Where to buy? Have you seen Bando’s selection? Very top chart designs, Target another huge selection (for men and woman), Sweet Water Decor have the most cutest eyelash cups.

    SO, you’ve decided on a small gift that will make a slight impression. I can be very extra on my gifts so my next move is to get a pretty amazing wrapping paper or hunt for a very a unique box that will call out your name when they open it, once again I’m extra the gift should come with a creative detail Card with a suprise inside. YES! CHA CHING$$ depending on your budget I would say $40 or so.

     I base that amount with how many of my family members are going to the party. It’s only fair to give a little extra appreciation for the invite.

    Well my darling,

    it’s been awesome chatting with you till next time.


    + Gift Card (Target)

    + Gift Box (Micheal’s)

    + Champagne Gummy Bear (Sugar Fina)

    + Diamond Tumbler (Bando)

    + Rose Petal candle (Marshall’s)


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