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  • Pool Days

    First of all, I would like to share that these past summer days have reached my limits of hot weather here in Texas. I’m used to that humid heat and bipolar weather In North Carolina, Where one minute it’s sunny and by the next, it’s raining. Living in Texas I’ve had to make some changes in my lifestyle… One of them for sure is going to the Pool more often than usual, We don’t have the sea close to us, So I’ve improvised. When going to the pool I do have to remember that my kids burn up a lot of energy, Which is awesome! I can count on, that after an amazing swim they will be sleepy and very hungry. So I do pack up very well on snacks from Popcorn (skinny Girl lime and Salt ), Goldfish, Corn Chips (Central Market brand Veggie and seed blend) with Guacamole and on Drinks I do take juice, super cold sweet tea homemade (Tazo Iced Blushberry Tea) and water.

    img_7344.jpg  img_7346

    By the way, I don’t forget that they need sunscreen. That’s my 2nd item on my checklist. After an hour or so of being at the pool, I remind them there are snacks, Which It never fails to bring there attention to them. They come quickly to snack on some yummys, I do carry Paper plates, Plastic cups and Napkins which is super convenient. After a while of them snacking and returning to the pool.

    img_6871  img_6870

    Can’t forget my magazine or book to enjoy the sun. I have realized that there are moments you have to find more simple ways to enjoy life. I can’t drive 2 or 3 hours to the sea like I have been so used too. But, I can enjoy the pool, My kids’ laughter and happy times with them. I do encourage you to try something simple and new … Trust me! You will not regret making the best of some summer days at the pool.

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    Happy Summer!



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