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  • Today’s Elixir

    Guys do I have something magical to share with you today. Let me start by telling you something that always happens to me. Every time I go out with my 20 year old son I get so many complements of how he’s my son and how I look so young. So it seems like AGING is MY BFF? I wish!!! So what really goes on? Well, you know how we have searched in google for a potion that we can drink to make all our wrinkles and extra lbs go away. Yes, an ELIXIR!

    So after doing profound research. I found something super close to an immortal elixir. (if only we could make all things better with this.) To my surprise; I hadn’t noticed how much this brew I make almost every morning for 10 years has helped me and the funny thing is that it’s been around for millions of years. People have used it for healing, weight watching, YOUTH replenishment and among other things. So WHAT is IT?

    Jasmine TEA the best of the best! If you haven’t seen me sharing on my insta stories or Fbook go do so. THIS tea has helped me so many ways especially when I’m so bloated after eating or in the mornings when it seems I have a food hangover.

    Let’s go in to details.

    Jasmine Tea

    • BOOST ENERGY – Oh yes!!!! (Those mornings when the bed is calling your name.) Super Fact: One cup of jasmine green tea contains around 35 mg of caffeine while a cup of coffee contains about 95 mg. Another words switching from coffee to some tea will do the same effect. But with lower caffeine levels.

    • Helps WEIGHT LOST – sign me up! (Any one that loves to keep that body figure in check will agree with me.) People who regularly consume green tea were found to have a higher resting metabolic rate than those who didn’t. That means if you consume green tea, you can burn more calories and fat, even if you are not working out. + Jasmin green tea is naturally a low calorie beverage.

    • Helps protect the HEART | happy heart longer life! Studies have shown, that green tea with Jasmine improve the The high amount of antioxidants found in jasmine tea helps ensure that you have a healthy heart by lowering LDL cholesterol oxidation. LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol, and a high level can lead to enlarged veins and arteries that lead to strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks.

    • STRESS RELIEVER – The perfumed aroma of jasmine tea triggers a parasympathetic response. This response releases chemicals that help the body relax and unwind. The taste of jasmine green tea also induces a relaxed state. So tell me if this doesn’t convince you? During out the day having relaxation plus having extra energy. Because you want to be in a Zin and peaceful state.

    • helps IMMUNE SYSTEM – Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The immune system is the first line of defense against all types of illnesses, so bolstering that system can benefit the body in countless ways.

    • GREAT SKIN – My favorite!!! Traditionally used to restore skin, the essential oils and botanical extracts of jasmine increase skin’s elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin. The powerful antioxidants and polyphenols in jasmine tea help slow down the aging process. It makes you look younger by preventing premature wrinkles and skin damage as well as evening even out skin pigmentation and minimize fine lines.

    Wow!!!! How desirable is this ELIXIR. The best part is that you don’t have to go a hunting spree. Amazon, grocery stores and sometimes drug stores sale it. Don’t waste more time start drinking up YOUTH and HEALTH right at home. Ok guys it’s been fun, time to serve my self some freshly brewed tea that just came in. Harney & Sons “Dragon Pearl Jasmine” Beautiful little hand-rolled pearls that are gently infused with the floral essences from jasmine flowers.


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